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HISTORY 1933 - 1969

St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church
1675 Coates Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741



1933 - 1969

Visiting preachers served St. John’s until Rev. Louis H. Martin was installed on January 15, 1933. This was the time of great depression and living conditions were extremely difficult. Many members had to leave Holbrook to earn a living elsewhere. But in God’s good time, this also passed and our congregation showed an increase in membership and attendance at worship services. To help, the worship services were changed to morning hours.  Pastor Martin consoled and comforted the fledgling worshippers in the trying years of the depression and in time, was to see many accomplishments in the growing community. A new Sunday School wing enlarged the Church complex; a new organ raised its voice in His praise. Although Pastor Martin served both Sayville and Holbrook, his presence and example was a source of encouragement and growth. By 1959, Pastor Martin had served forty-five years as servant of the Lord, 26 of them at Holbrook. Now the time had come for his retirement. It was a decided blow to the members, he had served us extremely well under severe and difficult conditions, serving two congregations simultaneously. The area of his pastorate extended 30 or more square miles.  A long-deserved retirement of Reverend Martin in 1959 was the final factor that spurred St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to the vibrant activity that is ours today.

Pastor Martin

This was a crucial time for both Sayville and Holbrook congregations. The time had come for each to go its own way and call a resident pastor. The decision was wrought with many and diverse unknown factors. Could we at Holbrook carry on a program of the Lord’s work in the face of such increased expenditures as the purchase of a parsonage and the entire support of a Pastor? We could and did. A parsonage was purchased and the offerings and pledges were doubled and vibrant call was made of our own resident pastor.
A call was sent to Reverend William K. Roser at Utica, South Dakota, and he accepted. Pastor Roser was installed as resident minister on February 28, 1960. Pastor and his family had moved into the newly acquired parsonage on Maple Street and soon was firmly established and well received as a member of the Holbrook Community.
Pastor Roser urged revisions and improvement in the church services, adding a second worship service, initiated Bible studies, inspired increased membership and cooperated in many ways to improve and expand the congregation.

Pastor Roser
Pastor Roser

In 1966 the building committee launched upon a building program. On December 4th a Ground Breaking Ceremony was observed for a new Christian Educational Building. The building about 4000 sq. ft. would serve as Sunday School, Pastor’s Study, Church Office and a kitchen. The building is designed to accommodate about 300 people at special activities.
In 1967 a deceased member, Mr. Henry Moeller, willed a certain amount of money to erect a church building. In 1968 a new building program was initiated for the erection of a new church sanctuary. Also in 1968 on May 19th the dedication of the New Christian Education Building was celebrated.

Education bldg





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